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Health & Safety Resources

This page provides health & safety information as relates to hire equipment and general UK legislation. Should you require any advice or assistance with training (Portable Appliance Testing, PASMA, iPAF, etc) please contact our office with your requirements.

Hand-Arm Vibration

Machine vibration can do long term damage to your health.  All items hired are supplied with with both safety and operating instructions.  Our staff will advise on correct equipment use and also any necessary safety equipment that may be required in addition.

HSE - Hand-Arm Vibration ( LINK )

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are a fundamental part of any project management.  Risk assessments determine potential hazards, which approach should be taken to complete the project, who should doing what and which tools and materials will be required.

HSE - Risk Assessment ( LINK )

Working at Height

This section provides information on current Working at Height legislation, how it affects your work and when it is applicable. The current Working at Height Regulations, (WAHR), make it the duty of every employer to ensure that their staff are correctly trained.

HSE - Working at Height ( LINK )


Marchstream Tool Hire does not provide risk assessment services and is under no legal obligation to do so. Marchstream Tool Hire is not liable for any injury, damage or loss directly relating to the Hirer(*1) failing to complete a thorough risk assessment.

(*1) in this context, the "Hirer" refers to any customer hiring equipment from Marchstream Tool Hire.

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