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Calor Gas, Propane and Butane Hire

Here at Marchstream Tool Hire we hire and sell the Calor Gas LPG brand in and around the Denton, Manchester and Stockport areas.

Whether it be Propane Calor Gas or Butane Calor Gas, Camping Gas or Patio Gas - we have the entire selection*.  Inclusive for hire are Propane and Butane regulators. (*exc Calor Lite which is only available from caravan dealers)

As a general rule Propane performs better in outdoor freezing conditions and can withstand -45C : For all year round camping / camper vans, building sites.  Propane Cylinders operate at a pressure of around 100psi.

Butane burns with a hotter flame but will liquify at around -10C. : spring, summer, autumn activities such as portable heaters, barbecuing, and caravanning.  Butane Gas Cylinders operate at a pressure of around 15psi.
Calor Propane and Butane Bottles

People tend to use Propane Bottles in the winter and Butane in the spring / summer.  For an all-year outdoor solution we would advise that you use Propane Gas.

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If you are not certain about which Calor Gas product to hire or purchase then we would be more than happy to assist.  Alternatively, if you are simply interested in Propane gas hire or Butane gas hire - call Marchstream Tool Hire!
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